How Long Are Jewish Funerals

Jewish Funerals have evolved slowly over time and so has how long Jewish Funerals are.  Historically, there were few if any eulogies and even the remarks made by the rabbi were not overly elaborate.  This is still at times the case, especially with more traditional or orthodox Jewish funerals.  For these Jewish funerals, they are quite short some lasting as little as 25 minutes beginning to end.

The reform movement’s Jewish funeral service is more likely to include eulogies and remembrances by family as well as the rabbi.  For these services it is much more difficult to estimate how long are Jewish funerals.  An average funeral service at a funeral home or in a synagogue will usually last 40-65 minutes.

Whether or not there are personal speakers, there are almost always traditional prayers including Psalm 23 and El Malei Rachamim.

How Long Jewish Funerals Are Will Depend On How Traditional They Are

Following the funeral service there will be a procession to the cemetery where the Jewish burial rite will occur.  The burial portion may be equally as long as the funeral service if the grave is to be filled by hand rather than machine, as is the custom.










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