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Joan Ellen Turchik

Date of Death: January 3rd, 2022
1 Shevat 5782

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June 1st, 2022

Joan became a part of my life by chance. We both worked at Norwest Pharmacy. We became instant friends and Family. My children loved her so much they called her their Gramish (jewish grandmother since we are Catholic.

At least twice a month we would do our usual meeting, breakfast at LePeep in Evanston and of course a trip to Barnes and Noble. Joan was an avid reader and passed that on to my children. We never went out without hitting a book store.

We spent Christmas holidays whenever they didn't fall around her holidays.The thing I
will miss Joan is her laughter and her always "oh hun".

She would always say the thing to me before we hung up the phone, "Moe if I'm not here when you call I will be getting the paper or mail. " I laughed and told her i would put the on her tombstone.

Forever grateful for Joan having been a part of my family's life. We are all better for knowing her


January 7th, 2022

Always will remember your resting place: Section IV Carmel / Estate 666 / Space 3

~Toni Scaletta
~ex daughter in law, Arlington Heights

January 6th, 2022

both joan & Paul were an important part of Scotland Yark Books, Ltd. My daughter Ellen and'I
treasure their friendship and will forever cherish their memories- the laughter, the
stories, the love of mysteries brought us all together and both Joan and Paul were the
most loyal customers any bookstore owner could ever have. I could go on and on but'will just say our lives have blessed with their love and friendship- Mary McLaughlin and Ellen Keith

~mary mclaughlin
~friend, Evanston,

January 6th, 2022

Always laughing. Couldn’t get her to stop smoking despite threatening to discuss with Cheryl. One of the highlights of my day when she came to the office. I miss her.

~Daniel Greenberg
~Distant cousin, Chicago, Il

January 6th, 2022

The fond memories I have of times spent at the Turchik house during my teen years are too numerous to list. For many of us in the neighborhood, 9264 was our second home. Joan and Paul always made us feel welcome, no matter the day or the hour.

Highlights include learning and playing all kinds of card games until the early morning hours, watching Dark Shadows together after school, discussing writing and books, and talking about almost everything else that came to mind.

Joan taught us much about life. She taught us manners and class and often referenced Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt etiquette, and she and her mother took us to the Pump Room and La Tour for brunches and lunches to illustrate these lessons; and I’ll always remember the drive downtown in a snowstorm when Joan and Paul took us to dinner at Zaven’s during my college years.

I credit Joan for my own love of reading. I recently saw the play Ragtime, and couldn’t help but think of Joan who loved the book by Doctorow when it first came out in the 70’s.

Joan’s stories about her young years at the Chez Paree and her years at the Mill Run Theater where she rubbed elbows with the stars were always fascinating. She described her trips to London, Paris and Rome with such excitement and clarity that I wanted to visit those places as soon as I could.

I also remember reading the stories Joan wrote about the woman with the “cool green eyes;” and Merle, how can we ever forget when she took us to the Mystery Writers Convention for the weekend at the Midland Hotel in Chicago?

You have no idea how I treasure these memories --- Joan will be missed, but she will remain with us as we look back on the fun times we shared and the things we learned from her.

Warmest regards, Irvin

~Irvin J Wagner
~Neighbor and Friend, Highland Park

January 5th, 2022

Hi Meryl, Mark, Carl and Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear of your mom passing. I have hundreds of great memories growing up with her as our next door neighbor "other mom". I'll never forget her laugh, her hospitality and just the comfort of sitting around the family room together watching Mary Hartman. Both your parents were incredibly generous with all the kids in the neighborhood and I'm sorry that I didn't keep more in touch over all these years. Sending love and hugs, Roberta (married name Roberta Goller)

~Roberta Dolins
~childhood neighbor, overland park

January 5th, 2022

Joan and I spending the evening together. Antonette (Toni) Scaletta

I love you Grandma Joanie..... RIP .. you're in heaven with your favorite people now .. especially Pauly

~Antonette (Toni) Scaletta
~ex daughter in law, Arlington Heights


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1st of Shevat 57841/11/2024
1st of Shevat 57851/30/2025
1st of Shevat 57861/19/2026
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