Jewish Funerals

The Past, Present and Future of Jewish Funerals

Chicago has been a home to a large Jewish community for well over 100 years.  The first Jews arrived in Chicago from Prussia, Austria, Bohemia and sections of modern-day Poland, after fleeing oppression.  They settled around the Chicago area in the mid 1830’s and founded the first Jewish congregation in 1847.  Since that time there has been a rich history of Jewish Funerals.

Originally there were the family owned Jewish funeral homes with names like Weinstein and Piser which served the Jewish community for decades.  Eventually these historic names were bought up by larger corporations, which were then bought up again by even larger corporations.  This consolidation of all of the local Jewish Funeral homes eventually resulted in the formation of a new round of independent, locally owned, Jewish Funeral Homes.

In the last ten to fifteen years the new funeral providers are returned to their core purpose and roots, serving faithfully their local Jewish community.

Shalom Memorial Funeral Home, which was founded eleven years ago, has come to be the community’s choice for Jewish Funerals that conclude with a burial made on the grounds of Shalom Memorial Park in Arlington Heights, IL.  The new, modern, chapel which was built in 2006 is the only full service funeral home on the grounds of a Jewish cemetery anywhere in the community and its proximity and convenience allows almost 100% of those attending the funeral service to also perform the Mitzvah of assisting in the burial.

Although the recent history of Jewish Funerals was bumpy in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, we are proud to leading the new generation of funeral providers focused on doing what is important and doing it the right way.

The Past, Present and Future of Jewish Funerals

The Past, Present and Future of Jewish Funerals



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