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Why Pre-Plan?

Addressing one’s mortality can be sobering. Pre-planning provides a way to move beyond anxiety towards clear, thoughtful decision-making. It is sensible for families to have a plan in place. When the time comes, they will experience the assurance of knowing each wish and final request is appropriately fulfilled.
While each family is unique and each family will approach pre-planning in the way that best meets their needs, it is true for all families that once the pre-arrangements are completed, when a death occurs, one phone call puts everything into place. There is absolutely no guesswork about wishes, intentions, or costs.

The main reasons families pre-planning are:

  1. Heritage
  2. Takes the pressure off of loved ones
  3. Cost Savings & Budgeting
  4. Making Your Wishes Known
  5. Medicaid Enrollment   


Pre-planning allows family’s to plan to be near each other.  By addressing the need for adjacent cemetery property before the need arises, families are better able to make thoughtful and responsible decisions for both today and tomorrow.  Family Estates, Family Memorial Gardens, and Family Private Mausoleums are all best addressed on a pre-need basis.


Families in the midst of the stress and sorrow of loss are in no position to make difficult personal and financial decisions. Pre-planning eliminates the unnecessary emotional burden from those you love.  It is important for family questions to be answered during the funeral arrangement process. Pre-planning together, among loved ones, results in a confident family decision.


Once a plan is in place and funded, the prices are locked-in (frozen) at their current levels.  This means that you and your family are not subject to any applicable price increases in the future.


Pre-Planning allows comfortable, affordable, payments to be spread out over time.  Whereas, time-of-need planning often requires payments for goods and services to be made in full.


Pre-Planning allows each of us to express our final wishes.  With a plan in place our loved ones do not have to ‘guess’ about what we would have wanted.


It is VERY important to finalize pre-need arrangements before enrolling in the Illinois Medicaid program.  There are substantial exceptions to the current Illinois Medicaid asset limits that allow many families to preserve their wealth before spending down.

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“With The Right Information We Can Make The Best Decisions For Ourselves And Family.”


The following Interactive Planning Guide and Information Center is a Safe, Easy, No Pressure, No Obligation way for you to address making Pre-Arrangements.

To constantly improve the level of service that we are able to provide, please let us know if there are any changes or modifications that would help make it better at the Feedback Page.





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